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Q: Who are the homeless in my community?
A: Families comprise more than half of the homeless in Michigan. Over 3/4 of families are homeless due to a lack of affordable housing and almost 1/3 of them are working poor.1 Single female head of households account for 69% of homeless families in Michigan, living on an average monthly income of $730 per family.2

Q: How many people are homeless in Genesee County?
A: Every night there are about 200 homeless in shelters in Genesee County, and countless others on the streets, in abandoned buildings, in cars and in parks.

Q: Why are these people homeless?
A: Homelessness is caused by a variety of factors, the most prevalent being a lack of affordable housing. Debt, lack of employment, disabilities and domestic abuse are also major causes of homelessness.

Q: How can I help make a difference?
A: Donate

  • Your financial contribution is tax-deductible and will help people in your community break the vicious cycle of homelessness. Please visit our Donations page to learn more.
  • In-kind (Please see our wish list)
  • Hold a fundraising event and donate the proceeds to Shelter of Flint. Car washes, garage sales, bake sales and restaurant fundraisers are all great ways to bring awareness to the issues causing homelessness and to help those in need. For more information, e-mail Liz Ruediger, Director of Development, at or 810.238.4711, ext 304.

Please see our Volunteer page for more details.

Contact Your Local Elected Officials
Make your official aware that homelessness negatively affects your community and ask them to find an efficient and effective manner for dealing with this issue. Make it clear to them that you want them to do more than pass laws and ordinances that penalize the homeless. Let them know that you want them to find a way to help the homeless regain a sense of dignity and self-confidence.

Contact Your State and Federal Representatives
Don't believe for one moment that politicians at the state or federal level won't listen to their local constituents. Circulate a petition among your social clubs, churches and other groups demanding that your state's legislators take proper and effective measures to seriously address the issue of homelessness. Remind them that they "work" for you - the voting public.
Daniel T. Kildee
U.S. Representative for Michigan District 5 (D)
Phone: 202.225.3611
Visit Website

Jim Ananich
Michigan Senator for District 27 (D)
Phone: 517.373.3938
Visit Website

Phil Phelps
Michigan Representative for District 49 (D)
Phone: 517.373.7515
Visit Website

Most importantly
Remember that anyone who is homeless is still a person and entitled to be treated as such: with dignity and respect.

Q: What are the requirements to get into Shelter programs?
A: Emergency Shelter and Transitional Housing

  • Must be able to demonstrate a need for safe, affordable, short-term housing.
  • Must be 18 years of age.
  • Clients can be single mothers, single fathers, married couples with or without children, and single women.
  • Must agree to work toward housing stability. Shelter of Flint is not just housing; it is a program designed to assist in the location of safe affordable housing, navigate available resources and services, focus on the strengthening of life skills and to begin to deal with barriers that are contributing to the current homeless situation.

Permanent Supportive Housingmom

  • Clients must meet the HUD definition of homelessness.
  • Must have an emotional, mental or physical disability documented by a licensed health professional.
  • Must have documented income.

Q: Do you have any space available?
A: Availability changes on a daily basis. To see if a bed is available at our emergency shelter, please call (810) 239-5433 24/7.
If we are full on the day that you need shelter, please contact one of our partner agencies:
Shelter Hotline - (800) A Shelter (274-3583)
Carriage Town Family Center - (810) 238-6827
Salvation Army Shelter - (800) 274-3583
YWCA Safehouse - (810) 238-SAFE (7233)

Q: How long can I stay at the emergency shelter?
A: Clients are permitted to reside in the emergency shelter up to 30 consecutive days.

Q: Do you have rooms for single people without children?

A: Yes, we take single females. Please see the eligibility requirements for Shelter of Flint.

Q: I need shelter just for tonight. Can Shelter of Flint help me?
A: Because Shelter of Flint is a continuum of services, we generally do not provide shelter for just one night, unless there are extenuating circumstances.

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1Michigan Coalition Against Homelessness and Michigan State Housing Development Authority
The State of Homelessness in Michigan 2008 Annual Summary


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